Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Riotous Roald Dahl: Booktalk 4

[For this booktalk, either hold up page 16 – the Twits at the table, with Mr. Twit eating “spaghetti,” or Xerox and enlarge the picture so your audience can see the picture.]
 Take a close look at this picture. These are the Twits: Mr. and Mrs. Twit. Tell me what you see in this picture. [Wait for a few responses.] Yes, they are ugly, and they appear to be eating – what food do you think that is? [Get brief response.] It does look like spaghetti, and that’s what Mrs. Twit is eating, but Mr. Twit is eating WORMS! That’s right – she mixed in worms with his spaghetti. What kind of person would do that? Well, to find out why, you’ll have to read the story. She had a very specific reason for doing what she did. But back to the Twits. I hope you never meet a couple like the Twits for as long as you live. Even their own pets hate the Twits. If I told you about their pets, you wouldn’t believe me. It’s just too crazy. And once you read about the kind of food which lives in Mr. Twit’s beard, you’ll never want to eat again. The Twits by Roald Dahl.

The Twits by Roald Dahl. 76 p. Scholastic, 1980. Booktalk to elementary, intermediate grade, reluctant middle school readers.

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