Saturday, May 14, 2016

Waiting by Kevin Henkes (Booktalk)

Who are these creatures sitting on the windowsill? [Give time for response.]
Let your readers study the creatures up close.

I see an owl with spots, a rabbit with stars, a puppy on a sled, a pig with an umbrella, and a bear with a kite. My favorite is the owl. What do you think they are waiting for? [Show picture, wait for responses.]

Yes, maybe they are waiting for sunshine. Is that why the pig has an umbrella: has it been raining? You think they are waiting for a person? Why do you think that?

I wonder what they're waiting for. If you look carefully at the beautiful pictures, you will find lots of great clues. Read Waiting by Kevin Henkes.

Waiting by Kevin Henkes. 32 p. 2015: Greenwillow Books. Booktalk to preschool - 2nd.