Thursday, January 6, 2011

Riotous Roald Dahl: Booktalk 2

Poor Mr. Fox – he’s got three of the nastiest, meanest, grossest, and ugliest farmers in England on his tail, and all because he’s just trying to provide food for Mrs. Fox and their little foxes. Okay, so he’s taking the occasional chicken from Farmer Boggis, the occasional goose from Farmer Bunce, and a turkey from time to time from Farmer Bean. That’s what foxes who live around farms do. But these three farmers just can’t forgive Mr. Fox. They shoot off his tail, and when he moves underground, they try to dig him out. They’re bound and determined to get Mr. Fox, no matter what the cost. Heck, they’ll get him even if they have to rip up the whole countryside. Yet, Mr. Fox is not an ordinary fox, and he’s got clever allies, like Badger and Mole. It’s war, and may the smartest creatures win!

Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. 96 p. Puffin, 2007 [repr.]. Booktalk to elementary, intermediate, middle school reluctant readers.

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