Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book talk: Stuck by Oliver Jeffers (Virginia Readers' Choice, 2013-2014)

Flying a kite is so much fun, until your kite gets stuck in a tree, and trees never want to give up their treasures. Nope. Trees will hold on to your stuff. They will attempt to keep your beloved things. Don’t mess with the trees. I just had a talk with a boy named Floyd.

Floyd had a really cool red kite, and it all started when his kite got stuck in a tree. He tried pulling and swinging, but the kite would not come unstuck.

It’s the worst feeling, isn’t it? So Floyd had an idea. He threw his favorite shoe into the tree to knock loose his kite, and GUESS WHAT? His shoe got stuck too!

Would you like to guess what happened to Floyd’s other shoe? [Take a few answers.] Yep, the tree held on to the other shoe.

The tree held on to other objects hurled up by Floyd as well. I can’t tell you all the objects, because we don’t have all day.

I’m not lying to you when I say that a whale was involved with all of this, too.

Poor Floyd. Has he met his match in the form of a tree? Will he ever get his poor kite back?

Stuck by Oliver Jeffers. Unpaged. Philomel: 2011. Virginia Readers’ Choice (Primary grades), 2013-2014. Booktalk to PK-3.

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