Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Booktalk: Manners Can Be Fun [Manners; 2]

If I lived on a desert island with no other people, I would not need to have manners. I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. However, I do not live on a desert island, and neither do you. We need manners to function. A lot of our manners are automatic. For example, when your friend says hi to you, you say hi back. Other manners are not so automatic: you have to work on them. For example, if your friend is talking, you shouldn’t interrupt him or her, even if you just thought of the coolest thing ever. Wait until your friend is done talking! This one can take work and patience. [Show pp. 40-41]. Another one: when you visit someone else’s house, you don’t want to be like the Noiseys, the Pigs, Me First, the Whineys, Smash-Rip-Ruin, or the Snoopers. That’s a fast way of never being asked back to that person’s house. Remember to thank them and say goodbye when you leave. Manners Can Be Fun by Munro Leaf.

Manners Can Be Fun by Munro Leaf. 50 p. Universe: Copyright 1936, rep. 2004. Booktalk to younger elementary [pre-K through 2nd].

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