Thursday, July 29, 2010

For Wimpy Kid Addicts: Booktalk 3

If I were a third grader, and my grades were decent, and my parents owned a candy store with really good candy,  I would be floating on air. But Justin isn't. Yes, his parents own the candy store, and his grades are fine, and he's only been in trouble a few times, but he worries - a lot. His friends call him Justin Case, and Case is not his real last name [no one can pronounce his last name: it's really long]. Justin is a good-hearted kid, the kind you would want for a friend, but he tends to get all worked up about stuff, and that shows in his diary entries. When he gets all worked about things, funny situations evolve. For example, all the kids had to come up with a classroom slogan at the start of the school year. Justin worked himself up into a state about this, and the slogan he came up with was so crazy that the class clowns loved it, but the teacher did not. They also started calling him by his slogan, which was not good. One of Justin's challenges is sports. He tries at sports, and his parents make him play sports, but he's not really good. He is really, really worried about not being able to climb the gym hanging rope. He doesn't want to look stupid, weak, or lazy. He's in a knot about it -- haha, bad pun, sorry. See how Justin handles this one [or doesn't] in Justin Case: School, Drool, and Other Daily Disasters by Rachel Vail.

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